Unexpected Love Single Cover

Jason Scheff (Grammy Award Winning Lead Singer & Bass Player for Chicago)


“Well, there’s a reason her name is *Melody* and that’s because she SINGS them!  As a child and musical product of the 70’s and 80’s I came up in a time where a *Classic* vocal style was prominent.  I miss that, until, a voice like Melody comes along.  Great song and great VOICE!”


Frank Caruso (Renowned Jazz Pianist/Musician)


“Unexpected Love” is an emotionally moving contemporary song written with a perfect blend of skillful lyric writing and seductive harmonies. I will be listening to it over and over for a long time.


Bobby Shew (Legendary Jazz Trumpet Player)


Very powerful young lady, both as a singer AND sax player. She can hold her own with the heavies! Seat belts!


Mark Colby (World Renowned Jazz Saxophonist)


(On Unexpected Love): I just heard the track and it sounds fantastic!  YOU sound fantastic!  There’s a great maturity in your approach because you’re not “beating” it to death.  The song has a great melody line and it’s very radio friendly.  Nice hooks, great vocals and not over-produced!  Very tasty Melody!  I’d buy it in a heartbeat!!


Judy Rodman (Renowned Vocalist / Coach)


The voice of Melody is a force of nature.  The combination of her stunning technique and authentic, emotional vocal delivery make this girl simply one of the finest singers I’ve worked with (which is saying a lot). Her dedication to training for ever-more vocal mastery has given her natural talent an edge that will make all heads turn to listen. You will, too.

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